The Candidates for Selectboard - Election November 15, 2021

Trevor Brooks


Trevor Brooks (26 North Main Street) grew up in Athol and as
a young adult, grew to know Petersham families by delivering flowers to homes here from the family-owned Brooks MacMannis Florists on Main Street in Athol.

Brooks owns his own automotive advertising sales company, Royal T Advertising, serving car dealerships across a broad geography. He serves as a bridge, or almost a translator between tech companies who know little about the day to day business at auto dealerships, and car dealers who don’t necessarily “Speak Tech.”  He “structures deals between the two, and helps them compromise where necessary to make all parties happy.”

Brooks studied advertising and communications at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. As a college student, a growing interest in local political matters led to writing a dissertation on the Athol town meeting. “The fact that Massachusetts was one of the only places that both had, and honored, Town Meeting blew my mind.”

Brooks had  moved to Boston for business for a decade, and was involved in some neighborhood groups, including “Friends of Ronan Park” ( and the committee for installing and maintaining a dog park within the park.

“I didn’t really want to get too involved with Boston politics, because I have no desire to be a career politician, which is pretty much the only reason to get involved there.” When he and his wife had children, decided not to raise them in the city and returned to an area that he said "...feels like home." The couple has two daughters, ages 4 and 8 and the eldest is enrolled at Petersham Center School.

Now that Brooks has settled his family in Petersham, "I have time. I think everybody should contribute."

"I assume it will take a while to wrap my head around everything. It's a good thing that people (here) are so involved in politics." he said.

Brooks served on the committee that searched for a new Center School principal.

Annette Ermini


My name is Annette Ermini. (16 North Main Street) "You may have seen me running along the roads in town … and now I am running for the Petersham Selectboard.

I would like to thank people who supported my nomination. The response was very positive and among a diverse group of residents.

I am honored to run and, if elected, to fill Henry’s seat.  Henry is someone I greatly look up to and believe he personifies decency, professionalism, and integrity—all qualities I believe are ideal for Petersham and wish to embrace.

My husband, Attorney James Ermini, and I have lived here for nearly 23 years and have been very active with various boards and initiatives.  I currently serve as a long-time Trustee with the Petersham Memorial Library, and my experience involves serving on the Petersham Historic District Commission, Petersham 250th Anniversary Steering Committee, Petersham Art Center, Petersham Historical Society, and the Harvard Forest Museum.

My background is in marketing communications/design and includes owning an award-winning firm for 17 years, where I worked with large-scale corporations and institutions such as Keds, UMass Memorial, and HealthAlliance (to name a few), helping to raise awareness and millions of dollars in revenue. Additionally, I founded, chaired, and taught a degree program at a community college, and taught as an adjunct instructor at Fitchburg State College. Later in life, I transitioned into non-profit management, working for 7+ years in several capacities.  Currently, Jim and I founded and own a real estate agency, New England Classic Homes, representing sellers and buyers throughout Worcester County and Massachusetts. You are welcome to visit our website at

I love the people of Petersham, the North Quabbin Region, and Western Massachusetts.  I especially love how kind, caring, talented, and generous people are, especially with their time, energy, and helping hands—all values I deeply cherish and the number one reason why I chose to run.

People who know me well, know I am a good listener, open-minded, and patient.  I get along well with others and am fair, all-inclusive, hard-working, and dedicated.  These are all qualities I wish to bring to this position and community.

Having served on town boards—and also seeing Jim’s work on the Zoning Board for many years—I have a first-hand understanding of how town processes work. As an entrepreneur and real estate agent, I also have appreciation for practical business solutions. My non-profit management experience encompasses budgeting, development, fundraising, grant processes, and the highly competitive nature of obtaining these funds.

Overall, I hope to bring kindness, patience, and civility to this position. I believe I can bring people together. I also believe Nancy, Becky, and I would work well together, creating a great synergy for the board. 

James Moseley


Jim Moseley (19 North Main Street), is running for Select Board. “I am running,” Jim said, “because several friends in town suggested that I do so, and since I love our town, I would be happy to serve, if elected.”

Jim has lived and worked in Los Angeles, New York, Florida, Panama, the Bahamas, the UK, Italy, Belgium, India, Pakistan, Singapore, and Thailand. He has traveled to eighty-two countries on six continents. Jim speaks fluent Italian and is somewhat conversant in French, German, Spanish, and Greek. “There are many places in the world I love,” said Jim, “but Petersham is my favorite.”

Jim moved to Petersham from Los Angeles 2016. He and his wife, Madlene, purchased what used to be The Winterwood Inn for their residence. They sold their online logistics software company, TransGuardian, Inc. (whose HQ was domiciled in the apartment above The Country Store), to The Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company in 2018. In 2019, Jim founded a new company, The Parcel Team, that is contracted with Amazon Logistics as a Delivery Service Partner (with sixty employees and thirty-four branded cargo vans with the smile on the side).Jim also runs a non-profit ministry,

Jim attended The Choate School, Hampshire College, Keble College (Oxford), Florida International University, the University of Miami School of Medicine, and is now completing a master’s degree in Theology at Liberty University. Madlene is now completing her master’s degree at the Isenberg School of Finance, U Mass.

Jim has published 28 books (available on Amazon), has written two screenplays under contract, and is now working on a third. Jim has composed about a dozen choral songs that have been produced and performed and has in the past worked as a professional cartoonist, photographer, and journalist.

Jim and Madlene have three children, Natalie (a Ph.D. in special education), Jamie (a Second Lieutenant in the US Army), and Sasha (a music education student at U Mass).