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Petersham Art Center Opening Reception 
'Gail Oswald Recent Paintings’
Sunday, August 5 from 4 - 6 PM
Local landscape paintings by Gail Oswald.
Join the artist for fine art, delicious refreshments, good cheer. The exhibition runs thru Sept. 20.
All welcome!

Property Values Under Review

During June, an appraiser from Vision Solutions is visiting properties and reviewingmann lumber assessed values for the Board of Assessors. If residents have any questions, please contact the Assessors at 724-6658, the Town Office at 724-3353, or the Police Department at 724-3330

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New Friday Market Totes Are Here

Sturdy and stylish, reusable Friday Market shopping tote bags that can be used on any shopping trip are now available at The Country Store, at Quabbin Woods and at the Memorial Library. Or request a bag by e-mail to fridaymarket@petershamcommon.com.

These commodious totes are available for a donation of $10 or more to support the 20-week Friday Market music program on the common. The market opens again on June 8 and each Friday through October.small tote

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Transfer Station (DUMP) Fees

Calendar of Town Committee Meetings

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Free Property Valuation Booklet

The Valuation and Taxes of the Town of Petersham for the Year 2016 booklet is available at the Petersham Town Offices at the Board of Assessors Office, the Selectboard Office and the Petersham Memorial Library during regular business hours. Interested Petersham taxpayers are invited to pick up a free copy.godin

2017 Selectboard Office Hours

Monday 8  a.m. – 7  p.m.
Tuesday 8  a.m. – 4  p.m. Wednesday, Thursday
8  a.m. – 4  p.m.
Friday 8  a.m. – 12 noon

Selectboard Meeting  Dates

JULY 2018
Tuesday July 10 6:30 PM
Tuesday July 24 6:30 PM
Tuesday August 14 6:30 PM
Tuesday August 28 6:30 PM
Tuesday September 11 6:30 PM
Tuesday September 25 6:30 PM

Sen. Anne Gobi

Tuesday, June 12th
Petersham Town Offices, 10:30 to 11:30 AM

Rep. Susannah Whipps

 our hisory

Official Town Website -

Committee meeting notices are posted at  www.mytowngovernment.org

Colorful Fish

If only the river were this blue...
Photos from Petersham, Surrey, England


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Harvard Forest - Fisher Museum

"Great Plates, Eat Out."




Petersham History Under the Tent July 22

Research shows that humans are "hard wired" to share events and experiences through the telling of stories in the oral tradition. This concept has been practiced each year for the last 10 years through the Petersham Historical Society's History Under the Tent before the weekly Sunday Band Concert. Town residents and friends come together to learn the Town's history and share their own perspective on history as they remember it. This year's tent event will be Sunday, July 22nd starting at 5:30 p.m. under the big blue tent set-up on the South Common.althea

This year's theme is The Golden Years of Petersham: The 1950's and 60's. Selected residents of Petersham have been invited to share their memories of those vital years. Some of the topics to be recalled are the 200th Anniversary of Petersham in 1954; the burning of the Town Hall in 1957; the closing of the High School and the early years of Mahar Regional High School; the ending of switchboard telephone; the opening of Oak Ridge Dairy Bar and "Windy" Anderson's gas station; the loss of farms and farming; and the efforts to protect the land. Invited to be part of panel of those who remember the "Golden Years", including, Earl King, Ann Yonker Herbert, Nancy Warrington Carruth, Kay LaPointe Berry, Pamela Barnes Chevalier, Mickey Thayer Bartus, Robert Perkins, Glenede Amidon Albertine, and Ruth Robinson. In addition to storytelling there will be pictures and artifacts from the Society's collection that will spark memories of those in attendance.earthlands

According to Larry Buell, the coordinator of the program, "...telling stories under the tent is one of the ways we have to preserve the stories and share our common history... it is not revisionist history, it is getting a personal perspective on Petersham's history by those who lived it." The program is free and open to the public. For information contact Larry Buell at (978) 724-0412 <larrybuell@earthlands.org>


Nichewaug Proposal Sent for Legal Review

Selectmen Henry Woolsey and Rik Marsh voted at their July11 board meeting to have a Nichewaug Property redevelopment proposal reviewed by town counsel. Chair Nancy Allen is barred from participating as she is an abutter to the property.quabbin retreat

A group called Petersham Cooperative Community Working Group is proposing to create a senior housing/assisted living facility on the 6.6 acre property. The plan calls for creating a Community Development Corporation, assembling investors, evaluating structural engineering needs, updating financial analyses and developing a final proposal in time for the June 2019 annual town meeting.

This is a link to the 2018 Nichewaug Renovation Proposal

Stephanie Selden of Phillips Drive, a member of the proposing group, said the property can be preserved and modernized to include 22 housing units, 30 assisted living apartments for seniors and five palliative care units. The town does not have any dedicated senior housing today.

The group hopes to acquire the property and create independent residences, a farm to table restaurant and to keep the property consistent with the current look and feel of the town common area local resident Stephanie Selden said. Support for water and septic service to the library next door is part of the plan, Selden said. The proposal, from Amacher & Associates Architects of Cambridge, identifies Selden of Phillips Drive as part of the cooperative project group.quabbin woods

Woolsey said the town will not consider creating a committee to evaluate the proposal until after it is reviewed by town counsel. Thirty-two people including residents and members of the proposal group attended the board meeting. Two letters favoring the proposal were received by the board and two residents wrote to oppose the plan. Maryanne Hinton of Common Street and Marie Erie of Barre Road favor the plan. Ellen Anderson of Dana Road wrote to ask the board to reject the proposal and  Paul Youd of Hardwick Road said the request for proposal should be closed as the submission did not completely comply with the RFP.

In other business, the board accepted a letter from Police Chief Dana Cooley reversing his earlier decision to retire in October.

Roy Nilson, owner and publisher of this website, is an abutter to the Nichewaug property.

original tire coWandering Goats, Late Night Cows and a Turtle Laying Eggs

ACO Call Log June 2018

03 June@11:30a Dispatch call regarding injured porcupine in road on East. PPD stayed on scene until ACO arrived. After an onsite exam, it was determined porcupine was in the end stage rabies disease. (n.b. Porcupine acting oddly at various nearby locations had been reported by others for 3 days.) Porcupine dispatched by PPD. State Lab contacted as per protocol. Using rabies precautions, animal removed per State Lab suggestion. (Thx to the PPD for staying onsite.)

07 June@11:15p Nichewaug Road resident returning home from work called to report 4 goats in road near his home. Arrival onsite, found 8 goats in the road. Contact with owner, goats moved to fenced area and area secured with additional fencing. Owner will reinforce fencing in the morning.

10 June@4:30p Good Samaritan resident transported a found dog running on Route 32, heading south, by the former golf course. Dog brought to Petersham AS. No collar, chip, or permanent ID found. PAWS Alert, PAWS FB notification posted. Athol, New Salem, Phillipston, and Barre ACO notified. Dog fed. Walked x3.

11 June@12p Contact from resident regarding missing dog. Dog identified as pup in the Shelter. Arrangements made for pick up. Dog is UTD on rabies and is registered: slipped collar.WATERWHEEL

11 June@4p Met the ride home for dog described above. Discussed fencing options rather than tie out.

11 June@5:30p Discussion with Animal Inspector regarding issue

11 June @6:30p Flat Rock Road resident call to report two missing dogs. Advice given.

11 June@8:30p Complaint regarding dog issue from Nelson Road resident

11 June@9:30p Flat Rock Road resident call to report both dogs home. Suggested a call to vet now (or in the morning if stable) given the age of one of the dogs.

12 June@8p Conversations with Nichewaug Road resident regarding apparent stray cat in area.

13 June@3:15p Extended visit with Animal Inspector to alpaca farm to answer concern filed about number of animals onsite. Action items listed. Follow up visit planned.millers rivveer ral estate

13 June@7p Nelson Road resident demands action for dog issue.

13 June@8:15p Camera placed at Nichewaug Road residence to track apparent lost cat. Trap left at location, not active.

15 June Ongoing discussion with Nelson Road resident

15 June@5:45p North Main Street resident reported missing dog. Dog located at 7:00p.

15 June@8:15p Owner reports two missing dogs off Quaker Drive. Dogs found by motorist at 10:30p on 122.

16 June@7:15a Barre Road resident call regarding painted turtle laying eggs in yard. Resident would like to protect. Suggestions given.

17 June@4:15p Old East Street resident reports a lynx in yard. Suggested it might be a fisher based on description. MA Wildlife and Fish and Game contacted. Both suggested a PAC agent, none available. Discussed options with resident.

21 June@9:15a Found dog returned to owner

21 June@10:15a Phone discussion with Nelson Road resident regarding dog issues.

21 June@6p North Main Street resident reports the bottom fell out of a birdhouse and there is a nest with very small chicks now on his patio. Supplied small birdhouse which owner attached to a structure, nest placed inside, both parent birds remained in area.

21 June@10:15p Dispatch call for two loose cows on North Main. Met officer on duty, contact made with possible owner. Fields walked with caretakers, all animals accounted for. Additional call from dispatch ~11p cows were seen crossing 32 toward Windswept. Officer stayed on site until ACO and others met him. Additional resident notified and cows were contained just before midnight.

23 June@10:45a Dispatch call for several loose cows on Nichewaug Road. Met officer on duty who stated they went into woods behind a residence. Messaged likely owner. Animals successfully contained at 1:15p.

23 June@11:30a Dispatch call to report found dog on Hardwick Road and wandering dog on Route 122 heading toward New Salem. Both dogs returned to home.

26 June@11a Assist Rutland ACO with equipment to trap wandering dog that has been out for 5 days. Animal successfully trapped at 1:45p and brought to Rutland Regional Shelter.

26 June@1p Report of two missing dogs, may be on East Street. Dogs found at 5:30p.

27 June@4:15p PPD and dispatch call for 2 missing dogs on Hardwick Road. One dog picked up and transported, second dog ‘escorted’ home with assist from PPD

28 June@1:30p Report of wandering dog on West Road. No contact upon arrival

28 June@5:30p Call from resident working at LL shed regarding loose dog. Dog picked up and transported home.

29 June@11a Report of wandering dog on West Road. Spoke to owner.

Police Chief Reverses His Plan to Retire

Dana Cooley, Petersham police chief for the past eight years, told Selectmen June 26 that he will not retire from the position at the end of October as announced last month. The police department has two full-time and 10 part-time officers. The Selectboard had accepted Cooley's letter of retirement on May 8.Cooley said after hearing of support from residents, from his officers and from the school department, he has had a change of mind. Five officers attended the meeting in support of Cooley's request to stay on the job.

The Friday Market  July 20 -- MORE

friday market june 22 

Watch Out for Those Ugly Little Bugs

Reducing exposure to ticks is the best defense against Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and other tick-borne infections. You and your family can take several steps to prevent and control Lyme disease. Here is a Publication from the Mass Dept. of Public Health on Preventing Diseases Spread by Ticks. Click on the link below to access it.

Town Hall Access Committee Report

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