Returning customers report that our Alpaca plant food boosts the growth of home-grown marijuana plants.


Read the label on that bag of commercial fertilizer. Do you want those chemicals in your body?
We make our plant food with just two ingredients -- one of them is rainwater. We sell a dry version to save shipping costs.

leafJUST ADD WATERtea Real Alpaca Tea is available by email:
and at these fine garden suppliers:

Noels Nursery in Athol on Facebook

Here We Grow in Hadley

Matt's Hydroponics in Webster

Grow Shops - 60 Madison St. Worcester

City Line Hydro - Lunenberg

Plain View Farm - HUBBARDSTON

This product is registered as a soil amendment
with the Massachusette Department of Agriculture.

                    NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION

Alpaca Tea (fertilizer plant food) in reusable half-gallon spouted bags - $10 each plus $5 shipping. We pay half the postage.

 - OR a box of seven bags -- just add water -- each unit makes two half gallons of Alpaca tea plant food.

Just $55 plus shipping as we develop future pricing based on consumer response

Ground Alpaca beans ready to use for house plants including legal marijuana.

Dry version is packed in spouted bags to reduce shipping cost  - $10 each -- add USPS $5. Add your own water.

For resellers - a box of seven in half gallon spouted bags.  Packed without water. $55. Or one dozen, $96.

MSRP $14.95.

High in nitrogen and phosphorous. Alpaca Manure (1.7-. 69-1.2)

Neutral Ph. Odor free. No weed seeds. No added chemicals.

More info AND CONTACT:

Roy Nilson
The Little Chicken Factory

978-724-6662  -- ROYNILSON@VERIZON.NET



Here is a list of the toxic chemicals found in all-purpose commercial fertilizers that you might not want in your body.


Chemical of Concern (CoC)

Ammonium phosphate, dibasic       No
Copper sulfate       No
Potassium nitrate       No
Zinc sulfate       No
Ferrous sulfate       No
Magnesium sulfate       No
Potassium chloride       No
Manganese oxide       Yes   CoC List
Cupric oxide       No
Zinc oxide       Yes   CoC List
Iron(III) oxide       No
Sodium borate decahydrate (borax)       No
Polymer coated urea       No
Molybdic oxide       Yes