Petersham - Driving Here

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Petersham is located about seven miles south of Route 2 in the Northwest corner of Worcester County.   People come here for lunch, for golf (the course is open to the public),  to fish (the town has several excellent trout streams and fishing is allowed in the Quabbin Reservoir), to see the fall foliage or just to spend time away from the busy pace of urban life.

From Worcester, take Route 122 North (about 30 miles)

From the East, travel West along Route 2 and turn south on Route 32.

35 MPH -- We invite you to visit and enjoy Petersham. But remember, Main Street is a two-lane residential street. People walk along it. The speed limit is just 35 mile an hour, and 25 MPH in the town center - much, much slower than the pace that is appropriate for a major highway. Drive slowly here to better appreciate the view from North Common Meadow and to see the fine buildings that look out onto the Common. Drive slowly or plan to spend a few moments in conversation with one of the friendly members of the Petersham Police Department. If you have any questions, they can explain how the radar units in our police cruisers measure your velocity.