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Where Are All of You?

The US 2010 Census Bureau said 1,234 people live here. Our town government spends a bit more than $4 million each year on roads, schools and all that other stuff.
Two people attended a recent Selectboard meeting. Three Selectmen, two town employees, two newspaper reporters, the transfer station assistant and the animal control person were among them. Two just plain residents? Where is everybody else?

Drunk - On (Our) Money

The US will overspend its income by more than $1 trillion again in the coming year. You don't have to be a right-winger to work out that most households would be in huge trouble if they spent more than they earned.

So how about Congress and the President? The US spends 10X more than anyone else in the world for weapons and soldiers, billions on aid to other countries, billions for agencies that spend their time writing more rules and more regulations designed to "fix" everything that could possibly go wrong.

Isn't it about time that someone in government realized it is time to re-think, to spend less? To limit the costly rules and regulations that  drain needed dollars from home budgets and small businesses? To recognize that household budgets are straining, people are cutting household spending so they can stay warm and pay for gasoline? Or is government at all levels just drunk on our money?


The System Is Broken - 1

"We are sorry for the delay but all of our representatives are helping other customers. Please stay on the line and someone will be with you shortly." How many times have you heard that and waited 20 or more minutes to get  a simple question answered? Are call volumes "unusually high" or do these companies simply not have enough folks answering the phones? Here's an idea -- hire a few more call center representatives. Answer more calls in less time. Give a few folks badly needed jobs and give the rest of us a little well-deserved relief..

Call or write:
Sen. Anne Gobi 617-722-1540
Rep. Susanna Lee 617-722-2425

                        DAY - D. Tatlock

To find out who your legislators are, visit the Massachusetts legislature's website at . Or just look at the bottom left hand corner of the home page.

Send all snail mail to: The Honorable (name of your state representative/state senator) State House, Boston, MA 02133. Your representatives all have e-mail addresses as well.


Sometimes it is a good thing to live at the top of a hill.






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We Need a Smaller Government

In 2022, our military industrial complex brought America into yet another illegal war in Ukraine. This bloodbath crafted by global elites has cost hundreds of thousands of lives, displaced millions of Ukrainians and portends nuclear Armageddon. We learned our intelligence agencies are deeply embedded within social media and especially the Google empire. This technocratic matrix forged through pandemic policies censored the voices of millions of conscientious Americans who rejected harmful pandemic ideologies.

We witnessed deep and broad government corruption. Draconian programs censored free speech, forced small businesses to close and pushed experimental injections enmasse’. These actions unveiled gross incompetence and purposeful fraud on an epic scale. Big business, big tech and big pharma thrived while small businesses were forced to close. Ironically, we saw that these “policies” were based on politics and greed, rather than multidisciplinary science.

I learned of this malfeasance in 2020 and met with the health department. They explained, that because of sworn oaths, their allegiance is to the state of Massachusetts. In essence, they felt powerless to reject pandemic policies; whether or not they be corrupt, dangerous or inconvenient for the citizens of Petersham.

As a health analyst, I’ve observed people harmed by experimental mRNA injections. Some experienced serious neurological injuries. Others had strokes. And we have seen 1500 athletes dying on live television! Newscasters collapsing on air! How are we to make sense of government-mandated experiments that hurt so many people?

The 900,000 health professionals who signed the Great Barrington Declaration were not only principled – they were prescient. Hundreds of thousands of people have died from mRNA injections. Miscarriages, heart attacks and “sudden deaths” occurred without explanation. Cancer rates exploded. In 2022, the DMED (military) database confirmed injuries and deaths from experimental Covid-19 injections. Because so many commercial and military pilots suffered injuries from coerced vaccines, the FAA relaxed EKG standards for pilots. Lockdowns maimed the economy and harmed students across the nation.

How many readers know that the entire Covid-19 program involved multiple intelligence agencies and was created by the Department of Defense? And that the DoD describes Covid-19 mRNA injections as “countermeasures?” That the CDC has not only flip-flopped, but lied repeatedly? And the NIH did in fact, continued to funnel money to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, even after they were caught in a lie?

Our congressmen are working to turn over local, state and federal authority to an unelected organization called the WHO. The World Health Organization’s track record is horrible. Like the CDC, it’s accountable to no one. The language in the draft of the new CA+ treaty is deeply disturbing and reveals unconstitutional global actions such as forced vaccinations and lockdowns. Is this the madness we want trickling down from politicians and turning our lives upside-down -- again?

The acceptance of insane ideologies from unaccountable globalists foretells the loss of America’s sovereignty in a future man-made pandemic. The government's role is to protect freedom; not force ideology. Let’s find a way to return to a small and accountable government!

Rich Longland

Banana Republic?

Dear Editor:

It was a Banana Republic kind of day

Brash, gutsy, armed to the teeth

A racist rebellion sort of grandstand

An ideal vision of hell-on-earth news

Emboldened by a defeated president

With unprecedented gall

The throng amassed at his command

Envisioning American Carnage

Wrought and paid for by the power

Of an Emperor-King, a Grand Poohbah proclaiming

An Imperial Presidency, Donald J's self-grandeur

Emboldened the gathering to mob up and march

To the Capital, they went smashing norms

So, the Pretender-to-the-Reelection Throne

Might live another day as Ruler-in-Chief

Clothed in the gauze of legitimacy.

LOCK HIM UP! ,...before he strikes again.

Genevieve Fraser
Orange, MA 01364

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Perhaps a Refund is in Order?

US Senators are paid a base salary of $174,000 a year for their work. Our Senator Elizabeth Warren has understandably been busy during the past year -- too busy to do the job she is paid to do. She is running for president of course.

Warren ranks fourth among all senators in the number of senate votes missed.

All Senators most absent
#1 64.7% Sen. Cory Booker [D-NJ]
#2 63.3% Sen. Bernard “Bernie” Sanders [I-VT]
#3 61.9% Sen. Kamala Harris [D-CA]
#4 53.7% Sen. Elizabeth Warren [D-MA]
#5 39.3% Sen. Amy Klobuchar [D-MN]

Presumably, the paycheck keeps coming, regardless of days absent from  senate deliberations.

Perhaps a refund is in order from the senator.